Individual Assessment and Planning Session with Dr. Patricia Carrington


To find out if this program suits your needs, ask yourself the following questions


        Do I want to have Dr. Carrington help me identify the specific problem areas I need to address in order to live more fully and satisfactorily?

        Do I want her to help me create a treatment plan to achieve these goals?

       Do I want her to suggest energy psychology practitioners who may be especially suitable for me? (I realize her suggestions may or may not include herself as a therapist because she will only recommend her 6 week individual treatment program if she thinks I can benefit appropriately during that limited amount of time).

        If you are already planning to apply for Dr. Carrington's 6 week program:

     Do I want to schedule a single assessment session first in order to find out whether Dr. Carrington is a therapist I want to work with? I realize that I would get credit for this session toward the 6 week program, if I took that program later.


What happens during the Individual Assessment and Planning Session

During this 75 minute telephone session, Dr. Carrington explores your background and current challenges and suggests treatment options that can benefit you. She may recommend one or more different treatment modalities, refer you to one or several practitioners who in her opinion have the expertise you require (these may include herself if she feels you are a good candidate for her 6 week treatment program), and if you wish, help you select a plan that fits your budget. This assessment session is recorded and you receive replays of the session to review afterwards.

NOTE: In order to find out if you are likely to derive sufficient benefit from this assessment, you need to first fill out an Intake Questionnaire on the basis of which Dr. Carrington will help you decide whether or not to schedule an appointment. This way you will not waste time on a phone session which is not likely to be of value to you.



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