Would you like this leader in the energy psychology field
to help you t
ake the next important step in your life?

You may be ready for:

The Six Week
Breakthrough Treatment Program

with Dr. Patricia Carrington


Dr. Carrington uses a unique combination of energy psychology techniques to achieve herb remarkable therapeutic results.

How will Dr. Pat Carrington's Breakthrough Treatment Program benefit you?


If she feels the program is appropriate for your needs, you will receive the following:

        6 one-one-one weekly treatment sessions with Dr. Carrington (60 minutes each).

        Unprecedented access to Dr. Carrington's advice through email contact during the week as needed.

        Downloadable recordings of each of your sessions for you to replay during the week, to strengthen the effects of the sessions.

        Customized in-between-appointment exercises to move you closer to your goal.

        For Health Practitioners the option (at no extra cost) to use part of your individual session-time for professional supervision from Dr. Carrington. This will enable you to apply her combination of therapeutic modalities with maximum effect for your clients.

Cost:  6 installments of $310 each - two installments of $925 - or $1,800 if paid in advance. If you take Dr. Carrington's 75 Minute Individual Evaluation first you can subtract the money you have paid for that session ($300) from the total fee for the 6 Week Program and have your evaluation session count as the first of your 6 weekly sessions. You also have the option of taking all 6 sessions as described above, with the Evaluation Session taken separately.



  For more details and/or to apply for the Six Week Program CLICK HERE


If you have further questions contact Debra Thomas, Program Administrator, treatment@patcarrington.com